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This website is still under construction, please excuse the mess.

Welcome to Golden Sun Hacking Community!
Golden Sun Hacking Community is the home of the Golden Sun: The Lost Age Editor, it is a place for fans of Golden Sun who enjoy tinkering with the game's code whether it be just for fun, to tweak the game's design, or create their own original game from it's foundation.

For all things Golden Sun Hacking you've come to the right place
The Dragoomba
Latest News: Regarding Good/Bad post usage
February 20, 2016, 07:50:48 AM

Because I've gotten reports that, once again, the system is being abused because somebody got triggered by something, I've disabled the system until further notice.  For now, if you want to "Up" someones post, give them a coin.  If you don't like that persons post?  Ignore it and move on.  Until behavior improves or I find some other way to integrate the voting, I might just leave things as they are now.

Latest Downloads

Intellect Stat Rebalance
Rating: (None)
Downloads: 4
Views: 103
Filesize: 13.21kB
Date: September 28, 2016, 06:09:05 PM
Comments (0)
By: Lord Squirtle
[OO] Eclipse Summon: Moon Background
Rating: (None)
Downloads: 49
Views: 519
Filesize: 20B
Date: February 25, 2016, 05:46:01 PM
Comments (0)
By: Lord Squirtle
[OR] Wave Animation
Rating: *****
Downloads: 36
Views: 486
Filesize: 223B
Date: February 25, 2016, 03:34:48 AM
Comments (0)
By: Lord Squirtle
GS1 - 4 Elemental Revives
Rating: (None)
Downloads: 55
Views: 899
Filesize: 112B
Date: December 17, 2015, 04:45:18 AM
Comments (1)
By: Lord Squirtle
Today at 06:50:14 AM
Luna_blade: No java still as one of the highest
Today at 12:16:26 AM
Fox: "Getting back" = Sounds interesting. Did I miss something?
Yesterday at 11:00:36 PM
Lord Wolfram: It seems like Low Level languages are geting back their popularity
Yesterday at 10:49:08 PM
Fox: @uncond. branch = That's just assuming you jumping further than just a couple bytes away... (Otherwise, I'd suggest nop.)
Yesterday at 10:29:58 PM
Fox: I do know that the one of the PS consoles or whatever... need a nop (or maybe any instruction) after a particular instruction. (I think it was one of the read instructions.) Forget now... But likely because of the timings.
Yesterday at 10:17:25 PM
Fox: when*
Yesterday at 10:17:05 PM
Fox: (@nop = Although, there might be some exceptions  it comes to variable-length instructions... but I haven't looked into those.)
Yesterday at 10:16:09 PM
Fox: @Clamp:  If only returning the middle number was a built-in function... @pass = Even though I can see the possible use of it for ertain WIP/code notes related things... not really sure if it is actually useful. (You don't really need nop in code either... if you use an unconditional branch. (Which is probably better anyway.)
Yesterday at 07:53:39 PM
Seto Kaiba: Apparently, Python has a keyword "pass" that functions like NOP that's used to compensate for some of the issues associated with an intend-based language
Yesterday at 07:53:04 PM
Seto Kaiba: Usually they don't understand why an opcode would be dedicated to doing absolutely nothing
Yesterday at 07:51:53 PM
Seto Kaiba: It's kind of weird having to explain to people who only do higher level programming what NOP is... or how you can use NOPs to essentially "slide" through memory to get to the next memory point. I remember that through my old rom hacking days. lol
Yesterday at 07:50:33 PM
Seto Kaiba: public static int Clamp(int value, int min, int max)   {       return (value < min) ? min : (value > max) ? max : value;   }
Yesterday at 07:50:28 PM
Seto Kaiba: I saw this yesterday as a C# clamp function and it made me giggle a little
Yesterday at 07:33:20 PM
Fox: There's even one idea... that for things like conditional flow/etc... I imagine one could draw a line from point A to point B. And the compiler could follow that line... (Or alternatively, the jump could be defined in a color.) ... Basically a creative esoteric language idea.
Yesterday at 07:13:31 PM
Fox: Nop, or anything more creative like comment lines. (Everything to the right of this colored pixel = ignored, and go to next row.) Etc. Kinda I wonder if colors should be defined with-in the image itself as to what they do, though.... (Somehow) Although, you could still have some default functionality, maybe.
Yesterday at 07:08:09 PM
Fox: (Some colors would likely be a "nop" (no-operation) so that you can draw some nice pictures while you code simultaneously.
Yesterday at 07:06:01 PM
Fox: @ASCII art: Or even just using colors in a picture... That would be some crazy mess there...
Yesterday at 06:44:59 PM
Fox: Of c ourse... who said preferences stay the same? So who knows what I could think down the road. :P
Yesterday at 06:32:24 PM
Fox: Well, the context was "to me"... as a preference... I'm sure every little thing in the world has a purpose, so.... ; Anyway... How about code embedded in ASCII art.
Yesterday at 06:14:44 PM
Lord Wolfram: Short ASM Code XD

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